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Sakura Kinomoto {25/25}

Finally Completed.


Artist: lonekitty 
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie & Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie II: The Sealed Card
Subject: Sakura Kinomoto
# of icons completed: 25/25 (17 alternatives)
Rules to Remeber:
1) Comment & credit lonekitty when taking or using any icon(s). 
2) Do Not Hotlink!!!!!
3) Textless Icons are not to be altered. They are not bases.


01: Anger02: Angst03: Anxiety04: Craziness05: Desire
06: Determination 07: Energetic08: Euphoric09: Excitement10: Fear
11: Frustration12: Happiness13: Indifference14: Jealousy15: Mischief
16: Nonsensical17: Optimism18: Pessimism19: Sadness20: Satisfaction
21: Seriousness22: Surprise23: Tension24: Thoughtful25: Tranquility

08: Euphoric06: Determination06: Determination09: Excitement09: Excitement
24: Thoughtful24: Thoughtful01: Anger01: Anger19: Sadness
02: Angst02: Angst15: Mischief03: Anxiety12: Happiness
21: Seriousness21: SeriousnessN/AN/AN/A

Tags: anime/manga, cardcaptor sakura, characters, kinomoto sakura, lonekitty
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Ooo, gorgeous! The Angst, Determination Alt., and Mischief Alt. 2 are my favorites.
thanx. ♥