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Sentient Icons: a twenty-five icon challenge
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Sentient Icons: a twenty-five icon challenge community

Welcome to sentient_icons!

This is an icon challenge community co-maintained by adaneko and nyaabo in which members choose a subject and make 25 icons based on the 25 themes given to them. While we are primarily focused on anime, manga, and video games, all subject matters are welcome as long as they are approved by one of the moderators before an iconist starts on a set of icons.

Sentient means "to experience feelings or emotions." As the name suggests, this community's themes are based on emotions. The challenge is to make 25 icons that each convey one of the 25 given emotions either through the general look of the icon, the subject, the text on the icon, or any other creative way the iconist chooses to convey it. There are no set rules as to how each theme is taken—that is where the artistry lies.

You must join the community to post icons or comments. If you join you are not required to make icons. People are just as welcome to join in order to watch the community for updated icon sets.

    > > > R U L E S
1] You must join the community in order to participate in the challenge.
2] To choose your subject, go to this post and comment with the username your icons are made under and your subject.
  • Subjects here are focused on anime, manga, and video games, however if you wish to do a non-anime/manga/VG-related subject just comment on this post and we will probably approve it for you.

  • If you choose a character from a series, please leave the character's full name and the full series title. You may also choose couples as long as rule 3 below is followed.

  • If you choose to icon a general series, please leave the full series title and state "general series."

  • We do not "claim" subjects here. All subject matters are open to everyone at all times no matter how many people have chosen the same subject.
3] You may only use official artwork in your sets. If we find doujinshi or fanart in any icon sets, the posts will be deleted. (And yes, we will be checking.)
4] Do not friends lock your icon posts. This is so that the moderators can enforce rule 3.
5] Credit your resources.
6] Icon set banners must not exceed 260px in width by 200px in height. If your banner is too big your post will be deleted.
7] You may have up to 3 icons as your set preview if you don't use an icon set banner. The rest must be under a LJ-cut.
8] There is no time limit to finishing a set, nor a specific order in which you must make the icons. The basis of this community is to provide inspiration and fun, so no pressure!

    > > > T H E M E S
01: Anger
02: Angst
03: Anxiety
04: Craziness
05: Desire
06: Determination
07: Energetic
08: Euphoric
09: Excitement
10: Fear
11: Frustration
12: Happiness
13: Indifference

14: Jealousy
15: Mischief
16: Nonsensical
17: Optimism
18: Pessimism
19: Sadness
20: Satisfaction
21: Seriousness
22: Surprise
23: Tension
24: Thoughtful
25: Tranquility
If you don't want to code your own table for the icons, I've typed up some code you may use. Just replace "ICON" with the URL to your icon and you'll be set!

    > > > L I N K S
If you run an icon-related community, an icontest, or have an icon journal of your own, feel free to let us know and we'll add your link here.

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Help promote sentient_icons! Feel free to use one of these banners. Just copy + paste the codes below!

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    > > > L A Y O U T
The community layout features Heine Rammsteiner of the manga Dogs by Miwa Shirow. The layout was created by adaneko using Adobe Photoshop CS and Notepad. Brushes used in the header image are by meleada and vbrush. Fonts used are Letter Gothic Std, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, and Arial. No part of this layout may be copied, reproduced, or manipulated in any way without written consent from the creator. Layout last modified 05/27/2006.

    > > > C O N T A C T
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you may contact either one of the maintainers by e-mail.
adaneko / e: adaneko@gmail.com / aim: a d a N E K O
nyaabo / e: nyaabo@gmail.com / aim: Nyaabo

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